Germany Demographics


    Germany is a very vast, beautiful place, with a rich culture, as well as great people. For many years, Germany has thrived as a country, in economic, and social as well as historical means. Every part of Germany is different. From cold to hot, from adventure, to enjoyment, from modern to traditional, there are so many new things to experience.  Art, Fashion, Sports and creativity as well as tourism, are a big part of Germany. You could say that it is a well rounded country! Germany is well known for its industries, especially ones involving cars, and chemicals.
The Video below, is an introduction  to the vast majority that can be done and seen in this remarkable country.
Country Quick Overview
 / 52.517; 13.383 Official language(s) German
German Government: Federal Parliamentary Republic  
Water (%):  2.416 
Density:  229/km2 
GDP 2009 estimate  -  Total $2.806 trillion  -  Per Capita $34,212  GDP (nominal) 2009 estimate  -  Total $3.352 trillion   - Per Capita $40,874 (Wikipedia)